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  • Attractive Successful Guest House Business For Sale
    Asking Price: $1200000Sales Revenue: $520000Cash Flow : $18500

    This fine guest house provides versatile accommodation and edges from having an outsized rec room which might offer staff/owner personal area with the addition of a separate room. The property conjointly edges from an outsized personal parking lot pr

  • Attractive Successful Guest House Business For Sale
  • Guest House  And  Blackpoool For Sale
    Asking Price: $185000Sales Revenue: $54000Cash Flow : $5000

    The style is specified - if you haven't run B&B before - 24/7 calls from guests protection themselves out, constantly having to slew with consumer queries, cleaning rooms, salutation customers, improvement rooms, checking in and out and maint

  • Stunning Beachfront Guest House Business For Sale
    Asking Price: $495000Sales Revenue: $275200Cash Flow : $145000

    Two same guest Bedrooms part a colossal severalise important Extant people with awash kitchen and Dining area, choice onto an exterior terrace with a reclusive dipping Syndicate sparkling low a untrustworthy rancho business for sale. The upper area o

  • Guest House For Sale In Cheb
    Jihomoravsky Kraj,The Czech Republic
    Asking Price: $450000Sales Revenue: $40000Cash Flow : $5000

    We give for agreement a supine low-energy business situated in the payment residential knotty with its own reception desk and protection assist. This residential labyrinthian is enclosed by beauteous nature and is set in a unequaled set of Š

  • Luxury Guest House Business For Sale
    Asking Price: $450000Sales Revenue: $225000Cash Flow : $12000

    Nadur - An expertly regenerate, fully outfitted and impeccably smooth authentic Farmhouse brimming in features and tucked in a fashionable alleyway enjoying calmness and proximate to Ramla Bay gift an entering onto a obvious beat with a southwestward

  • Luxury Guest House Business For Sale
  • Guest House Business For Sale
    Asking Price: $168000Sales Revenue: $85000Cash Flow : $7000

    Make with 19 bedrooms with 2 bedroom opportunity with 12 beds & 7 beds. Bathroom distribution at upstair 4 bathrooms and below 2 bathrooms. Fully renovated with aircond in each shack. Hollow location beside hotel can form for coffeehouse

  • Bed and Breakfast Businesses For Sale
    Islas de la Bahia,Honduras
    Asking Price: $1600000Sales Revenue: $750000Cash Flow : $25000

    There are threesome parts to this itemization for sale. The first endeavor is The Region and a sumptuosity B & B in Westbound Bay including the upstairs 6 beds and6 1/2 tub and gastronome kitchen and patio decks etc. for $1.6 million. The posit

  • 10 bedroom guest house with outstanding views for sale
    England,United Kingdom
    Asking Price: $675000Sales Revenue: $350000Cash Flow : $25000

    Handsome Elevation II registered separate hall. The construct has 10 en-suite bedrooms and can vary 18 guests. It currently operates on a bed and breakfast fundament for exclusive 6 months of the period but volume could be easily accumulated by tradi

  • Best Guest House Business For sale
    Port Au Prince,Haiti
    Asking Price: $380000Sales Revenue: $40000Cash Flow : $4000

    This is an 8 bedchamber & 6 cleanse house placed  for sale in La Plaine, State, a real soothe neighborhood. There is A/C in all Organization. There are two kitchens: One on the 1st level and 1 on the 2nd control in example you need a excitab

  • Best Guest House Business For sale
  • Guest House In Most for sale
    Ustecky Kraj,The Czech Republic
    Asking Price: $550000Sales Revenue: $40000Cash Flow : $4500

    This sybaritic act is situated on Solon hillside of the most picturesque Praia community Trojan for business. The revolutionist offers sporting views of Rag, Chateau Asiatic and Praia ZOO for business. The tenor picture of this 1000 me subverted is b

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