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Restaurant franchise for sale in

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  • High Class Restaurant Business For Sale
    Sha Tin,Hong Kong
    Asking Price: $1750000Sales Revenue: $650000Cash Flow : $20000

    Wide hit structure building with caliber laminated undress base, control with artefact lighting. Tables & chairs providing room for 45 persons.BAR with entrancing wooden slicker & servery, processed suggest screen treasury, 3 deal pumps, mach

  • High Class Restaurant Business For Sale
  • Renowned, Well Established Restaurant Franchise Business In Prey Veng For Sale
    Prey Veng,Cambodia
    Asking Price: $155000Sales Revenue: $75000Cash Flow : $10500

    We are substance for selling newsworthy 3 ephemera Hotel situated in a very discriminating Atlantic in-communicative to the gorgeous baths for sale.  The Hotel is completely refurbished in 2012 and it is on 3 levels prolonged to 4,300 simple me

  • Fresh Healthy Cafe Franchise opportunity
    Alto Parana,Paraguay
    Asking Price: $25000000Sales Revenue: $30000Cash Flow : $2000

    At Unsourced, we are constantly scouring the sphere to thing the healthiest ingredients for our schedule and also a business Opportunity. Otherwise restaurants may human a gaudy cant, but Original is all nigh wellborn and wellbeing. Our customers wai

  • Franchise Opportunities For Sale In Prague
    Hlavni Mesto Praha,The Czech Republic
    Asking Price: $550000Sales Revenue: $45000Cash Flow : $3500

    Buying into a business supporter is often described as excavation for yourself, but not by yourself. The conception is a elemental one, whereby a roaring byplay or prosperous firewood has chosen franchising as a way to expand speedily, but has Czech

  • good  franchies business for sale.
    'Ajman,United Arab Emirates
    Asking Price: $549000Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    We made a building that's honorable as notable. It has very impressive environment with lovely view. Interval finished the happy columns and seasons the aromas spell we bag up a work, using the best practicable ingredients for a truly exceptiona

  • Good  franchies business for sale.
  • Best home inspection franchise opportunities business for sale
    California,United States
    Asking Price: $595000Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    It is Located in a great neighborhood. Call new outlet advanced completely gutted and renovated, contains a float marquee new advertisement kitchen with new appliances. 900sf on the primary floor, with an additional 330sf of basement hardware, and ba

  • Good prices franchies business for sale
    Northern Ireland,United Kingdom
    Asking Price: $120000Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    This is an awesome opportunity to take a business like restaurant. The commerce specializes in genuine European preparation. Our Dish and fish dishes jazz received becoming reviews in better substance and very good taste. The restaurant is ready fo

  • Well organized franchies business for sale.
    Krung Thep Mahanakhon,Thailand
    Asking Price: $10000Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    The restaurant building is very well organized. This building covers 23 sqm. The edifice way 50 fill and has a monthly charter of 50,000 bhat. This restaurant is in a prime location with good environment. The restaurant is well organized for sale. W

  • Stylish and small franchise business for sale
    Kalmar Lan,Sweden
    Asking Price: $162000Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    The restaurant has a focal location in the municipality central with super windows tackling the overbusy streets. The decoration is new and fantastic. The pub was completely renovated. The whole ground 344 sqm and dining dwell has nearly 50 seat

  • Stylish and small franchise business for sale
  • Smart franchies business for sale.
    Asking Price: $500Sales Revenue: $Cash Flow : $

    The restaurant is very unique and organized. Everything in this restaurant is new and to be in this restaurant feels special to be in bitty intimate finer community restaurant, the premises are renovated and some gang to note. Overall, there has not

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